Adapting to the COVID-19 emergency


The last few weeks have certainly been extraordinary for everyone. For us at Nice Things, we've been our usual positive selves, making what we can of closing the physical shop and putting our time and energy into creating a new online shop. 

Our existing online shop has been on a very difficult to negotiate platform, so we've transferred to Shopify and you'll see our fledgling shop here! 

We are uploading stock as quickly as we can, but we do have a LOT of things at Nice Things! Because we work with lots of makers and artists, and our style is bespoke and handmade, there's often only one of an item, or lots of variations on one it's a painstaking task to sort, photograph and upload. But it's been fun, we hope it works and we hope, most importantly, that it gives us a way to continue in business in this very difficult time. 

Please share, please recommend us, all this will help us to be there back in business when we've got through this period. 


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