Doing things well, so the experience is good


Way back when Nice Things first opened on 26 June 2010, one of the elements especially important was to do everything as well as possible, make things look 'nice', provide a really excellent experience to our shoppers. 

Part of this desire to counter some of the negative responses that the town where we are based, Ramsgate, experienced. A lot has happened in this small seaside town in the decade since. Much has improved, some things are just the same, there are more visitors and many more people have come from London and other areas to live here and enjoy the sandy beaches, white cliffs and fresh sea air!

This is a picture of the first shop, back in 2010 when we opened. Even though it was only a tiny space, a room in the Town Council's Victorian building, we had positive and surprised reactions - we didn't look like what they expected of Ramsgate! It's been great over a decade to now have a richly varied group of shops on offer with some lovely boutique hotels and a really good vibe for people to enjoy. 

We retain our same values and one of the things we always do is wrap items in tissue paper with a Nice Things sticker. We carry that through to the online shop, so boxes should feel nice when they are opened, and items ready to give (if not being kept for a personal treat!). It's slightly odd to think about 10 years; it has been a constant learning exercise, it has been so fantastic to meet lovely people from around the world and to have the support of many people locally and from further afield. We will celebrate our anniversary as much as possible on 26 June, with social distancing in place, and look forward to all the things there are still to learn and enjoy, having a shop, working with independent makers and artists and being supported by lovely people. 


Photos below include our 1st anniversary party group and our lovely French cupboard, in the old show and today's space, 4 times the size of the first one! 









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