Measures to expect at the Ramsgate shop, for Covid safety


After our first two weekends of being open, it's been a lesson in how best to follow guidelines but make a visit as welcoming as we always want for you, the customer. Most of the time it has been fine, but I thought it might be useful to pop this here, so everyone knows what we're doing.

For anyone preferring not to shop and cope with other people, we are very willing to do a private visit on any days we aren't open to the public (Mon - Thurs).

To re-open our Ramsgate store we have worked hard to keep the essence of our friendly shop, but making it safe for customers. We have taken out some shelving units and reduced stock, re-setting so that similar things are all together, so it's easier to view and choose (not as pretty we think, but efficient!).

We are currently restricting to 4 people at a time and ask visitors to use sanitiser on entry, which we provide. If people would like to wear a mask, we will supply one for you. We have a one-way system, making a nice anti-clockwise walk around the shop. We are taking card payments only and will wrap goods only if you want us to, using santiser beforehand. Otherwise you make take a lovely paper carrier bag from beside the till, and tissue paper if you require. We are using our daisy logo to mark waiting points outside and indoors on the floor as a reminder of the 2mtr safe distancing. We hope none of this spoils your visit and you understand we are trying hard to make it happy but safe.

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