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Hello, it's Suzy here from Nice Things

Currently still in lockdown, at Nice Things we've been working on a new online shop and now that's up and running, how best to promote it. 

For ages we've all been using Facebook and other social media, for our own lives as well as for work. But lockdown has brought a real sense of a new world of communication, for our families, friends and work. I've felt my brain getting full of new information, thinking too much about some things and getting confused often with so many thoughts, options and technical possibilities available. If only I/we knew how to use them all best! 

I've just taken part in a webinar about social media marketing. I sort of understood it all, but boy, I'm not sure I can be that salesy, that detemined to sell, to make it work. And to do that you clearly have to be utterly focused on the goal, as most of it no longer comes free, it's all about paying for advertising. It's not viable to have enough people like what you say, or comment on a picture to lead to commercial success. So it's given me a lot to consider, about what's right for this little business and for our customers, but alongside that, the knowledge we all need to drive more sales if we are to survive longterm. 

I'm testing ideas, so have made a 3 question survey on attitudes to marketing - would you do it for us? CLICK HERE if so! 

I realise I've got to put my head into more new media, work out how it all links together, and just do it! 




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  • Hi Suzi,

    I hope you are well. I will miss coming in to the shop on my next trip to Ramsgate. Very excited for when you can open again, hopefully on July.

    Kindest wishes,


    Joanna Ballintine on

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