'Smile' handpainted boxed gifting stones by Rachel Dobson

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We saw Rachel's handpainting on found pieces of pottery and stone and invited her to try a new idea with us. A collection of 10 specially painted pieces are put into a lovely natural brown kraft box, to make an unusual and thoughtful gift but also to have for yourself. Rachel places her painted pottery around Ramsgate and Thanet, where she lives, to be found, kept or put out again for the chain to continue. And if you buy a box, you can keep some, put some out and give individual ones to friends with a card, a little reminder of your affection and understanding. 

Every piece has her 'Smile' signature and the year it was painted. Each box has a collection, which are named for one piece in the box and it's message: Love; Be Kind; Hope

They are all lovely and individual. Choose your box! We will have a box made for you, as close as possible to the colours and patterns here, including the key message stones. 

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