Current Art Exhibition

How to Break a Hue

by Rory Strudwick

We invited this artist to have an exhibition with us because we were so impressed by a piece he submitted to our Winter Open show (Blue Series #3, on sale under Art). This is a chance for us to support his talent and give an opportunity to show his work publicly. 

"The overall theme of my work centres on the behaviour of colour through light, by exploring shape, colour composition and colour mixing. However, this project introduces the notion of ‘word play’ within my work. Each piece is named a verb/noun that inspire the forms relative to a set of sample lighting gels used in theatre production .Each title then reflects my adaption of the initial lighting gel forms in relation to specifically the word ‘Break’ in the exhibition title. These interpretations of forms then follow the common notion within this show. A concept of ‘broken hues’ i.e. a colour with a mix of all 3 primary hues in any proportion. Broken hueoften result as a darker earthy colour or understandably, not a pure hue. As you can see in the artworks, this visual conversation between colours manifests itself through the layering of translucent inks. And thus tell the story of breaking a hue through visual clues."

Below you can see two videos of Rory talking about his work and the current exhibition online at Nice Things


How to Break a Hue:  Intro

How to Break a Hue: Textiles


About Rory Strudwick

Since pursuing a creative career Rory has focused his interest and centred his work around notions of colour and perception. He is specifically curious in concepts of light and space, textile screen printing, the process of dyeing, colour theory and how these interact with environmental consciousness. Deriving inspiration from the process itself and drawing influence from the Bauhaus. Rory's work considers varying aspects of the broad spectrum of colour.