Current Art Exhibition

Cheeky Beasts & Still Life

Martin Cheek and Margaret Foreman

Exhibition open: 7 - 27 October 2020

Mosaic artist Martin Cheek and painter Margaret Foreman collect together favourite works both new and past for their annual show. Cheeky Beasts is focused around a new series of mosaics, reflecting Martin's earlier career in animation, his love of the fun of cartoon. Margaret's stunning still life oil painting are a joy in their sense of love, their fine detail and yes, humour, of life and loves.

Martin regards his mosaic work as a logical progression from animation, both of which involve building a coherent whole, displaying character and movement, from thousands of elements. His mosaics have been featured indoors and outdoors in swimming pools, murals, tables, floors, and sculpture, including a mosaic sculpture garden for children with special needs. He has been making mosaics for over 30 years and he still absolutely loves it!

Margaret Foreman paints from life as opposed to using photographs. Her specialisation is portraiture and in 1980 she won the prestigious National Portrait Gallery Award with her painting of Sir Richard Southern. She has painted portraits consistently for the last thirty years. 

The couple live in Broadstairs, above the harbour. For the Artist's Statements, please click here for Martin Cheek and here for Margaret Foreman. 

Margaret's paintings here are not for sale but on show for you to enjoy. Below these are all the works for sale and links take you to them on this site.


Meet Martin Cheek and hear him talk about their latest exhibition by clicking on the links below: