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Paintings by Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker is a London based artist. She studied graphics at London
College of Printing and had a successful career in design and publishing till
1994 when she left her role as Art Director at British Vogue Magazine to focus
on fine art.

She studied painting at NYSS in New York and lately on the Turps Studio

Her work has been exhibited most recently at 155a Gallery, 2020, The Koppel
Project 2019, The Art Academy 2019, Peckham Festival 2019, Royal
Academy Summer Exhibition 2018, Lynn Painter Stainers 2016 and Curwen
Gallery 2015.

October 2020

“I find painting in the landscape, a curious mix of contemplation and frantic
activity. Of being chased by changes in the weather, particularly in the UK,
and getting drawn into that quiet headspace which nature always
provokes. It is so physical too, carting all the painting gear, and battling with
the easel whenever there is the slightest puff of a breeze. I try to express in
paint the deep connection with my senses and the environment. Peace
and quiet which pulls at you, versus the business of trying to do justice to
what is out there! I enjoy the fight! I also make lots of drawings while outside
and use these to make the larger oil paintings in my studio.
I hope you relate to these pictures and that they remind you of our lovely
English countryside.”

Suzanne Baker

You can meet Suzanne and find out more about her work and exhibition at Nice Things by clicking the link below: