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Ella Wood 'eco' silver earrings

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Ella has lived in East Kent for many years and in 2016, she and her son moved to Ramsgate. She’s an Interior Design graduate, who has worked on several projects in that industry, but for as long as anyone can remember, she has simply enjoyed creating lovely things! Since the 1990s, Ella has been making and selling her own designs – handbags, totes, and textiles for the dining table; cushions and jewellery.

The materials Ella uses in her latest ONE range of handcrafted jewellery reflect her strong feelings for the natural world and green living. Recycled (eco) silver, hammered, punched and worked into beautiful shapes for earrings. Vegan leather cord for her unique bracelets.

ONE is part of Ella’s latest venture one-green. Her business ethic  everything from the business cards to the ink stamps is green!

Ella is also a graphic layout artist and she is currently expanding one-green to include eco beauty products, which will be available later this year.  

Recycled silver hammered and twisted detail.  (approx) 5cm drop.  Sterling silver fixing.

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