Contemporary dark clay vase by Rose Dickinson

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This is a series of work by Rose Dickinson using different clays from her well-known porcelain pieces. This vase is made without glazes and shows the colour of the clay itself, using different tones to add the decoration to the piece. The clay is allowed to show it'ss natural characteristics, giving texture to the vase. It is beautifully simple in shape, a perfect bud vase, or simply as a decorative piece. Rose Dickinson makes all her pieces by folding the clay and the base is simply folded up around the base of the cup. Each piece is impressed with her RD logo.  

The vase measures 6cm x 20cm high. 

Rose Dickinson lives and works from her studio in Faversham, producing a wide range of pieces in porcelain. Her work is decorated by impressing and adding pressed decorations like the shells. She gathers and uses wild flowers extensively to impress into the porcelain, flooding the indentations with soft beautiful colours. 

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