Large hand built pottery Curlew decorated 'potato pot' by Sue Ferrer

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Enjoy this beautifully unique pottery potato pot, hand built in a combination of different clays with a Curlew bird modelled to make the handle for lifting the lid. The pot could be used for onions or any vegetables you want to keep dark and cool. It is full of character, reflecting the nature of its maker, potter Sue Ferrer. The photos show all aspects of the pot, including the deep foot ring and the maker's signature flying bird on the bottom of the pot. 

Size 34cm wide x 32cm tall

"This is a hand made coil pot using crank and black grogged stoneware clays, the finer white decorative leaf and flower shaped decorations are achieved by combining more delicate white ‘sausages’ made of un-grogged white stoneware clay which are pressed into the pot as it is constructed within a mould (to support the clay during the process of drying and making). The outside has been left unglazed and the inside has a coating of transparent glaze to enable the safe storage of potatoes or similar." Sue Ferrer

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