Beautiful 20hr soya wax melts in pack of 10 by Freckleface

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All of these deleted/products are handmade by Freckleface here in the UK, which means they control what goes into it. Freckleface strive to create deleted/products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible, with packaging which is plastic-free. deleted/products are all vegan.  Each each melt having a fragrance time of at least 20 hours, they are really great value and make a fantastic present which not only smells wonderful, but looks beautiful and is well-packaged.

Each box contains a selection of scented melts, in a variety of pretty shapes, from hearts to stars and simple rounds, impressed with leaves and other elements, all full of beautiful scents. 

These are the 3 collections we have chosen: 

Calm & Unwind - Fragrances to help ease tension, stress and anxiety, with wax melts Rose x2, Lavender x2, Bergamot Verbena x2, Jasmine & Lime x2, Patchouli x2. 

Classic Collection - With one each of these wax melts Lemon & Pine, Clean Laundry, Pomegranate Black, Orange Lime & Basil, Coffee Cooler, Sea Breeze, Peony & Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Green Tea & Lemongrass. 

Floral Collection - For lovers of everything floral, with these wax melts Rose x2, Peony & Vanilla x2, Lavender x2, Jasmine & Lime x2, Bergamot Verbena x1, Sweet Pea x1

GREAT WITH ......... Attractive pottery burners with a star opening are also available to buy here at Nice Things. They cost £9.50 and appear separately but you can add one here to your order. 

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