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We work with over 40 makers and artists, including many who have been with us since we began in 2010. A list of all those with work on this online shop is on the left bar of the screen. Many are based in East Kent which is our local area and we have many from around the UK whose work we have come across and wanted to include in our collection.

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Prue Cross

Prue Cross was born in Scotland, spent her early years in Hong Kong and has subsequently lived in various Counties in England. Prue’s interest in multimedia art has influenced her career in traditional upholstery and textiles, applying various techniques including the use of appliqué and free motion machine embroidery. Moving to Kingsdown near Deal in 2013 she finally returned to her love of painting. Prue is drawn to the sea and rugged scenery which is expressed in her use of acrylics to painting semi abstract land and seascapes.  She is has recently sold several originals at various exhibitions in Kent.

Angela Malone 

I graduated from UCA, Canterbury in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art/Sculpture. I studied for a time in Vienna’s Akademie. My medallic work has been displayed at the British Museum on a number of occasions and has won both the Niagara Falls Prize and the Fattorini Second Grand Prize.

My pieces (paintings, drawings and sculptures) are held in both private and Public collections.

I am currently studying for my MA in Fine Art.

Kate Baker

A mosaic book read in 1997, followed by an advanced mosaic masterclass 15 years later with the author would catalyst an (ad)venture in mosaic for Kate Baker, after 2 decades a PE Teacher.  Early medical retirement catapulted her hobby into a new small business opportunity.

Kate draws inspiration from Nature and re-purposes kitchen unit doors to make unique visual/tactile wall art.  She also creates 3D 'Chunky Ceramics' hears to commission, (and her own designs to sell).  Other work, utilises the picque assiette technique, of using patterns found on crockery to create mosaics by...a patient task.  Her work has a textural vibrancy with colour, flow and movement being key, and inspired predominantly by Beatriz Milazes, David Hockney, Monet, Klimpt and the Natural World advocate Sir David Attenborough.

Kate delivers beginner workshops for mosaic and glass fusion.

Rosie Eaglen

My process starts with observational drawings/watercolour sketches. The ideas are then developed to make pieces of work; sometimes a single painting or a series from the same starting point.

This process is about developing a visual language that will express my search for the innate beauty of my subject matter, but also about developing my search for my own  visual voice  to express my thoughts/emotions about being a woman;  my body, my feelings, birth, life, aging, decay and finally death.

A wealth of symbolism is already attached to flowers and plants. I find it interesting to explore the dualism of flower/plant symbolism; the Christian notion of the flower as the symbol of chastity, as opposed to the Greco Roman tradition (and possibly older) of flowers/plants as emblems of spring, new life, regeneration and the impulse to procreation. In addition the use of the flower as a stereotypical symbol of femininity or woman, aligning women closely with nature and the notion of woman imprisoned within her biology. As the innocent vessel of the life bearing force or the bearer of uncontrollable and instinctive sexual desires.

David Bailey

David Bailey is from Gillingham, Kent and says he wasn't much good at anything in school except art, so he was left to his own devices and later left to start a career as a graphic artist. Nowadays he pursues his dream of making a living from his painting. His watercolour pictures are either beautifully descriptive of scenery and animals, or a collection of amusing images, with seagulls and beachhuts featuring often! 
Works on sale are all good quality digital prints from the original paintings. 
Supplied with white mounts in cellophane wrapping, the prints are available in A4 (21 x 29.7cm) and A3 (29.7 x 40 cm). Larger versions are available by arrangement. 

Wendy Caldon

I moved to Thanet in 2016, for the wonderful light and the sea. Since living here I have become enthralled by the cloudscapes as they shapeshift to make glorious colours and patterns. In the strange era of lockdown, anxiety and fast change, the natural world is a great comfort to me, as I try to capture the glory of it through paint.

I have always loved to draw and paint. In 2003 I realised my dream, studying for a degree in Fine Art. Events stopped me completing the degree, but I received the Dip. HE Fine Art which made me very proud. I like to express myself through colour and I seek to find new and bold colour combinations. I enjoy working with children, for their freedom of thought and expression. I have also studied mosaic-making at South Bank Mosaics and through this I worked on a major public art project at Queenhithe in London.

Rory Strudwick

We invited this artist to have an exhibition with us because we were so impressed by a piece he submitted to our Winter Open show (Blue Series #3, on sale under Art). This is a chance for us to support his talent and give an opportunity to show his work publicly. 

"The overall theme of my work centres on the behaviour of colour through light, by exploring shape, colour composition and colour mixing. However, this project introduces the notion of ‘word play’ within my work. Each piece is named a verb/noun that inspire the forms relative to a set of sample lighting gels used in theatre production .Each title then reflects my adaption of the initial lighting gel forms in relation to specifically the word ‘Break’ in the exhibition title. These interpretations of forms then follow the common notion within this show. A concept of ‘broken hues’ i.e. a colour with a mix of all 3 primary hues in any proportion. Broken hueoften result as a darker earthy colour or understandably, not a pure hue. As you can see in the artworks, this visual conversation between colours manifests itself through the layering of translucent inks. And thus tell the story of breaking a hue through visual clues."

Below you can see two videos of Rory talking about his work and the exhibition, How to Break a Hue, at Nice Things


 How to Break a Hue:  Intro

 How to Break a Hue: Textiles

 About Rory Strudwick

Since pursuing a creative career Rory has focused his interest and centred his work around notions of colour and perception. He is specifically curious in concepts of light and space, textile screen printing, the process of dyeing, colour theory and how these interact with environmental consciousness. Deriving inspiration from the process itself and drawing influence from the Bauhaus. Rory's work considers varying aspects of the broad spectrum of colour.

Viktoriya Richardson

We were delighted to welcome Viktoriya for her second exhibition with us. This was a mixed show and demonstrated her widely varied works, from famous faces to new abstract pieces. We believe it clearly shows her ability and great potential for artistic growth over the next years, which we will be following with huge interest. 

Viktoriya is originally from the sea port of Odessa by the Black Sea in the Ukraine and now lives in Canterbury, Kent after moving to the UK in the early 2000’s. Viktoriya started to explore and develop her passion for painting after moving to the UK and has crafted an individual style that brings movement and flow to the canvas with the use of vibrant colour and technique to create artistic masterpieces. Viktoriya’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas and her work brings to life icons from the world of film, music and sport as well as household names from industry, politics and historical figures as well as her own imaginative compositions. Most recently she has been drawn to explore the abstract style. Characterised by her energetic and imaginative artistic style, Viktoriya is also in demand for private commissioned portraits. 

Hear Viktoriya talk about her work and exhibition currently at Nice Things:


Katrina Dallamore

Katrina worked for several years as an illustrator then moved into graphic design where she ran DW Design for many years. She qualified as a teacher and devoted herself to teaching and encouraging art and design in colleges and prisons. Her personal journey then took her into studying Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University, graduating with a First in painting and printing.  She continues to teach, in small groups or one-to-one, from a lovely studio in Ramsgate. Her work is concerned with the exploration of colour and we are delighted to be hosting a third exhibition for her.

Watch Katrina talk about her work and her exhibition, The Colours of Ramsgate, at Nice Things Gallery below: