Abstract Water (I) by Emma Lloyd - Nice Things Ramsgate

Abstract Watercolour (I) by Emma Lloyd

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Emma Lloyd is an experienced artist in Ramsgate, Kent.

Size:   9" x 7" including frame

Medium:  Watercolour

From the artist: 

"Over the last few months during these uncertain times there were many days when I felt ‘stuck’ and found it seemingly pointless to pick up a paint brush, but then creativity shouted at me and woke me from my numb state of being ! I have been experimenting with forgotten skills, styles and mediums that I haven’t used for many years and have now introduced in this show. There are also a few new abstract works, a style that was my old and original love. All in all a diverse mixture of styles and mediums. I have very much enjoyed this adventure and hope that my work will give pleasure."

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