Arthouse Unlimited inscribed organic soap - 'Have A Hug', 'You're Splendid' and others

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These are a range of soaps made in a round bar shape and packaged in a curved shape, a bit like a treasure chest. Inside each is the tubular shaped soap, handmade, triple-milled and organic with a 74% organic base.  Each bar is inscribed with an artist's message and weighs 150gm.

The choices we have are: 

Serendipity (with Sweet & Adorable impressed into the top of the soap)

- Think early sweet spring in a hazy, hot orchard with spicy undertones and mellow citrus notes

Angels of the Deep (impressed with You're Splendid)

- A smooth scent with fresh natural balmy heady notes of lavender and an airy citrus overtone

Dinosaurs (impressed with Be Proud)

- A zesty, uplifting fragrance of Rhubarb and Ginger that will take you back to childhood with a heady, tangy sweetness

Underwater (impressed with Have A Hug)

- A black pomegranate fragrance with strong burnt wood warmth

Arthouse Unlimited create a range of not only beautifully packaged, but organically produced items. We love them and we especially love the eothos of the organisation. The artwork of their members is used to decorate the items and their packaging. Arthouse Unlimited are a charity presenting the artistic talents of adults living with learning disabilities who require varying levels of support.  100% of sales revenue sustains this wonderful charity, enabling it to grow and evolve.

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