Ivory white Flower brooch handmade in tagua by Artisan Life

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This pretty brooch is handmade in Columbia from tagua. The colour is a soft ivory, edged with black and with a circular dark brown centre to the flower. The brooch is made from tagua, which is a nut grown in South America. The nut is sliced to make the lovely soft round 'petals' with a piece of nut carved to make the centre. The whole piece is sewn together with thick strong dark brown cord, which also attaches a locking clasp pin. The darker edges come from the outside skin of the nut. In ivory, you can clearly see the natural shapes and lines in the nut, revealed as it is sliced to make the petals. 

The brooch is approximately 6cm across. 

Tagua is also called 'vegetable ivory' and is a totally natural product, derived from tagua nuts which are native to Columbia and other areas of South America. Harvesting the nuts and using them to make jewellery is a way to earn a living from the natural environment for local people in Columbia. After harvesting, the nuts are dyed and dried, for several years, before being cut, sliced, or made into beads, which are all gently polished. The result is a silky smooth finish which feels very similar to ivory. 

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