Bagdad Cafe II by Makiko Downton

Bagdad Cafe II by Makiko Downton

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"Most of my work is produced on a very personal level.  The journey of the process is taken to the subconscious level of memories, emotions and feelings to create the scene with the notion of nostalgia."

Since living in Ramsgate Makiko has been drawn to the sea, with the idea that the water connects to her hometown on the other side of the world.  The sea and Island reflects the complexity of emotions, which are expressed with colour of light and movement to create the scene.

Bagdad Cafe is inspired by Makiko's memory of the 1987 film and its song 'Calling You'.

Size:   11" x 18" or 28cm x 46cm

Medium:  Paint, charcoal and pencil

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