Bev's 'Red Gingham' beeswax food wraps in various sizes

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Bev is in Ramsgate and brought her beeswax food savers in to us, in that time before many were around and it was a new idea. We were delighted to have some made locally, at a good price, and that we could try different sizes and ideas. 

These wraps are made of cotton soaked in beeswax, using a lovely fabric with a topical bee design. The wraps last for a long time, we have them in use into a second year. You wash them in warm soapy water and if they get a bit stiff, just iron them with a gently warm setting to revitalise them. 

PLEASE NOTE: because our local amazing haberdashery is closed until April, Bev cannot get more fabric with this pattern until then. We have a small supply of others which we'll get onto the website.

We have three sizes to choose from: 10 x 10"; 12 x 12" and 14 x 14"

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