Children's book How Do You Feel by PatrickGeorge Books

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PatrickGeorge are a superb illustration and design company based in Ramsgate who also create and publish a series of high quality books for young people. These hardback books are beautifully presented and the crisp bright artwork tells a story or explores an idea with the child.

How Do You Feel is a new publication and is about emotions and the words that express how you feel. The pictures demonstrate what a word makes you feel like, and what happens if you conquer or change that emotion or feeling. Packed with ideas it provokes many opportunities for discussion and further reading and learning, with its simple and cleverly-executed design. 27 different emotions are illustrated showing children in silhouette with a balloon. On each spread the balloon takes centre-stage portraying the emotion through its colour, size or shape. 

Ages: 5+

Publisher: PatrickGeorge 
ISBN: 9781908473165 
Number of pages: 36
Dimensions: 220 x 220 mm

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