Days of August steel 'building block arch' earrings

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Jewellery designer Marie-Pier is in Adelaide, Australia. We met her in London and fell in love with her bold steel jewellery, so introduced her into our collection. "I reclaim industria- grade stainless steel offcuts from a local machinist in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It is between 1.2mm and 2mm thick, which is much thicker than the 0.4mm standard used in the industry. I test all kinds of different tools and methods to bring the stainless steel back to its former glory."

Marie-Pier believes in women as strong, beautiful and distinctive and she designs jewellery to help all women feel great - she is a maker of small stainless steel doses of confidence.

These earrings match the necklace also in the collection. They are beautifully crafted, and we've shown the reverse of each piece where you can see the stirations from the working of the metal and the strong fixings. 

The building block arc earrings ae 5cm wide and 5cm from top to the bottom of the circles. 

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