Freddo Verre decorative glass fish

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Freddo Verre fused glass designs are made in Kent by a father and son team. They constantly explore new ideas and we have worked with them for over five years. 

The glass fish are intended to fix to a wall, and each has a steel shank attached which is fixed directly to the wall so the glass fish have a space about 2.5cm between them and the wall - it allows light to fall behind as well as onto the fish and also make shadows which add to the interest of the piece. The fish are crafted from three layers of glass, including glass powder for colouring and silver elements which, set between layers of glass at random positions, catch the light and give a sense of the scales of a fish glittering and sparkling. The glass fish look particularly wonderful on a wall where the light falls onto them. 
The glass fish are between 19cm - 23cm in length depending on the shape and curve and are approximately 7cm high.

Because these fish are beautifully hand crafted, each one is a little different but we will make sure you receive a fish as close as possible to the ones shown, in the same shape.

Bespoke orders are welcome. 

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