Freddo Verre decorative triptych art glass fish scene

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Freddo Verre fused glass designs are made in Kent by a father and son team. They constantly explore new ideas and we have worked with them for over five years. 
Some of our favourite pieces are about the sea and incorporate glass fish to make glass panel 'scenes' which fix directly onto your wall using steel fixings that hold the glass some 25mm away from the wall surface. It allows light to filter from behind the piece as well as from onto its surface, creating a sense of lightness and illumination.
This triptych is made with three panels which create a linked set, fish swimming across the span of glass. Each panel is made of three layers of glass and the separate fish attached to create a multi-dimensional approach. Pieces of glass glass and a complex use of glass powder with colour makes a very detailed display and silver set into the layers of each fish reflects light to make it constantly bewitching. 
Each panel is 54cm x 13cm
The piece includes the three panels, to create the whole work of art

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