Freddo Verre decorative glass fish garden stakes

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Freddo Verre fused glass designs are made in Kent by a father and son team. They constantly explore new ideas and we have worked with them for over five years. 

From highly decorative glass art to more functional pieces. 

These glass garden stakes are made with steel rods and have a lovely glass decorative creature to top them. They glow as sun shines on or through them, making a special feature in any garden space, placed into a pot, fixed into the ground, or even indoors amount a display of plants. 

These are glass fish, using a beautiful glowing dark orange glass. 

Glass powder on a second layer of glass creates a fish design with coloured stripes. 

Seen with the light shining on, you enjoy the green or blue striped fish. Seen with light shining from behind you see the glowing orange and a darker sense of the stripes. It's lovely!

The fish are around 23cm across. The steel rods are around 57cm each. 

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