Gem Bazaar Tanzanite gold ring

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This is a large cabochon Tanzanite, and when seen in real life, the colour is breathtaking - the softest blue you can imagine. You don’t usually get Tanzanite of this colour, size and cut, they are in limited supply, both as a ring and as a stone. Tanzanites only come from one small location in Tanzania, and demand is growing while supply is limited. 

The Tanzanite gemstone sits in a simple surround and band of .925 sterling silver with 18k gold vermeil. 

This oval ring is 1.5cm long.  Size R.

Gem Bazaar are based locally to us in Canterbury, Kent. They design lovely jewellery and source stunning semi-precious stones in Jaipur to create a range that is classy, beguiling and simply makes you feel good!

All jewellery is made from 925 siver and some pieces then have an 18ct gold vermeil. Nowadays all gemstones are considered precious, since all are rare and their supply is limited.

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