Handmade fabric 'Cookie' mouse by Alexis Kelly

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This beautifully unique and amusing Cookie Mouse is handmade in fabrics and found objects, with a huge attention to detail. Alexis uses new and upcycled fabrics, treating them with dye, sandpaper, stitching and other techniques, to create the sense she wants for the article.. This mouse balances on legs made from wooden sticks, and his scarf is a piece of vintage stitchin. He holds a little basket of cookies to hand out! 

The mouse stands approximately 20cm tall. 

Alexis Kelly is based in Margate, Kent and has been showing with Nice Things for ten years. Her unique and detailed pieces are always made with a wide range of items, drawing from a collection of objects made over many years, using the ribbons, fabrics, house nails, embroidery and lots more and working them, often with sandpaper and dyes, to achieve the sense of timelessness she loves. 

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