Magnolia by Kate Baker

Magnolia by Kate Baker

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A mosaic book read in 1997, followed by an advanced mosaic masterclass 15 years later with the author would catalyst an (ad)venture in mosaic for Kate Baker, after 2 decades a PE Teacher.  Early medical retirement catapulted her hobby into a new small business opportunity.

Kate draws inspiration from Nature and re-purposes kitchen unit doors to make unique visual/tactile wall art.  She also creates 3D 'Chunky Ceramics' hears to commission, (and her own designs to sell).  Other work, utilises the picque assiette technique, of using patterns found on crockery to create mosaics by...a patient task.  Her work has a textural vibrancy with colour, flow and movement being key, and inspired predominantly by Beatriz Milazes, David Hockney, Monet, Klimpt and the Natural World advocate Sir David Attenborough.

Kate delivers beginner workshops for mosaic and glass fusion.

Mosaic, spectrum and bullseye glass, ceramic tiles and plates

Size: made on kitchen unit door 47.3cm x 55cm

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