Fused glass lovebird hanging decoration in blue and mauve by Martin Cheek

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Martin Cheek is a prolifiic glass and mosaic artist based in Broadstairs, Kent. Whilst making very large mosaic and glass fusion images, he makes smaller items like these gorgeous lovebirds - some of which are later developed as part of a larger piece of work. 

These lovebirds are made with blue glass and a mottled pink/mauve glass. They are very striking. Every element is made entirely by Martin, so the eyes for example are made by using the different colour rods of glass, fused together, then sliced and fused again to make the round shapes. Layers of glass and elements like the eyes are then fused to make the final bird. Dichroic glass is included to add highlights to the bird, inclluding the beak - this glass shines different colours as you see it from various directions. 

The bird has a cord loop hanger and measures around 28cm in height. 

You can have a right or left facing bird. Every one is slightly different, each is unique. 

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