Character cat handmade mosaic coasters by Martin Cheek

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These delightful handmade mosaic coasters would make a lovely Christmas present for someone's home. Just one, or more! The mosaic is set onto earthenware tiles, handmade by Martin in his Broadstairs studio. The cat is a fusing of layers of glass to make the characterful and amusing focus of the image, surrounded by glass pieces for the mosaic itself. There are only these four items, they were an idea of the moment in the studio, showing the character of the artist and producing one-off items for the home which will always add something special to your space. 

Size:  9.5cm x  9.5cm  

Martin Cheek is a versatile mosaic artist based in Broadstairs, Kent. He founded the technique to incorporate glass fusions into his mosaics. In so doing, he essentially transformed the art and added unique textural interest to his work. The intricately detailed glass fusions, all made by Martin in his workshop, take his mosaics to another dimension, adding varying degrees of reflectivity and energy, something not easily obtained using traditional mosaic materials.

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