Oil painting by Margaret Foreman - The Bishop's Breakfast

Oil painting by Margaret Foreman - The Bishop's Breakfast

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Margaret Foreman paints from life as opposed to using photographs. Her specialisation is portraiture and in 1980 she won the prestigious National Portrait Gallery Award with her painting of Sir Richard Southern. She has painted portraits consistently for the last thirty years. Margaret also paints beautiful still life images, of things she loves, presents from people she loves, things that give her joy in life. 

Paintings take many weeks to complete, with exceptional beautiful detail in every aspect of the work. 

'I love this tiny embroidery on the egg cosy, which my
friend Suzy thinks looks like a Bishop’s mitre. What with the apostle
spoon and the lectern-like frame (which was wittily made by William
Ward) the whole picture has an ecclesiastical look. The queen’s
message on the newspaper, in Times Bold font, is upbeat in these
unnerving times'. Margaret Foreman.

18 cm x 22 cm / 7 inches x 8.5 inches

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