Porclelain heart hangers with wild flower decoration. handmade by Rose Dickinson

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These porcelain handmade hearts make lovely things to beautify a space, give a bit of extra interest to a room, or make a perfect llittle gift. They are handmade in Faversham. Each is impressed with wild flowers and the indentations made are delicately coloured. Each tike ls then glazed with a matt finish. 

Each has a satin ribbon hanger and measures from 8.5 - 9.4cm high

Rose Dickinson lives and works from her studio in Faversham, producing a wide range of pieces in porcelain. Her work is decorated by impressing and adding pressed decorations like the shells. She gathers and uses wild flowers extensively to impress into the porcelain, flooding the indentations with soft beautiful colours. 

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