Shoreline Ceramics blue and white earthenware vase pots

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Shoreline Ceramics is a Ramsgate-based pottery which specialises in accessible, charming blue and white glazed earthenware pottery, from small brooches to wall hangers and pots. All the work brings a sense of coast and country to your enviroment, simple values excellently presented. 

Shoreline pots express every lovely aspect of a look that is homely, cosy, coastal and very contemporary! Here are three in our collection with approximate sizes: 

Round speckled medium vessel 9cm across, 9.5cm high

Pointed small vessel 9cm across, 10cm high

Squat striped/spot small vessel 9cm across

Potter Libby makes to a basic pattern, but each piece is entirely unique. Please choose the pattern you wish for and we will send either one in stock or one from a delivery from Libby. 

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