Hand painted 'Smile' gifting stones in a box of 10 by Rachel Dobson

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The 'Smile' stones are pieces of found pottery, brick and stone which have been hand painted with a range of colourful patterns by Ramsgate artist Rachel. Each box has a collection of 10 different stones, a variety of sizes and colours, with some key words included such as 'Be Kind' or 'Love'. They are a great way to let someone know you're thinking of them and you can gift either as the full box or keep and give them out as you need and individual little gifts. Every piece has her 'Smile' signature and the year it was painted.

The kraft box measures 13cm x 11cm. 

Choose from our three boxes: 

Be kind (left in picture);  Hope (centre in picture);  Love (right in picture)

We saw Rachel's stones locally and invited her to try a new idea with us. Rachel places her painted pottery around Ramsgate and Thanet, where she lives, to be found, kept or put out again for the chain to continue. 

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