Sterling silver rings with natural organic shapes

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Choose your favourite from our group of three sterling silver rings. These are all intriguing and clever in their design, they have a touch of the unexpected. The rings are designed by Reeves and Reeves, a family business in Somerset who we regularly work with for the quality of the design. 

Ring 1 (left) 'Cirque' is from the side a perfectly smooth shining silver, in profile cleverly designed as a slim sharp design on a curved plane

Ring 2 (right) 'Rhythm' is a similar smooth shining silver, but the profile is soft and rounded, and the ring curves to give an unexpected look as you wear it

Ring 3 (front) 'Driftwood' is a also a curving organic profile shape, but this one is textured, a sense of, yes, driftwood!

The rings are made in a small, medium or large size. Tell us at the checkout which size you would want. 

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