Sue Ferrer small orange flowered pottery bowl

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Sue Ferrer is a multi-talented artist/maker in Ramsgate. She is a print-maker, textile artist and potter, and the gift of a kiln re-fired her passion for pottery and is now resulting in lots of lovely pieces of work. Here are a few we have chosen for our collection. 

Sue's style is painterly and carries elements of her print-making, sometimes using masques, sometimes a combination of printed shapes and painting. It is colourful, rustic, natural and conveys an essential ethos of honesty. 

This bowl is one of two with a glowing energetic design of orange flowers and green/black leaves and tracery. We love that Sue paints the entire exterior, including the base, which is left without over-glaze. The seagull is her marque. 

The bowl is 15cm in diameter. 

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