The Amazing Life of Cecilia Chattergee by Bernie Pendle

The Amazing Life of Cecilia Chattergee by Bernie Pendle

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We actively support creative people in East Kent and so we were delighted to be able to bring a new book by Ramsgate-based writer Bernie Morgan into our collection. And what a book! Cecilia Chattergee (1876-1947) was a woman who defied convention. She was a lawyer in India at a time when women didn't have careers. She was a Parsee who married outside of her religion. She lived as a widow when Indian society ostracised widows. She also endured unimaginable trauma and tragedy, yet never lost sight of her ambitions. She had four husbands and thirteen children and her story is set against the backdrop of India's struggle for independence; it is the story of one women's struggle for her own independence and her fight to live her live her way and improve the life chances of her children.

Author Bernie Morgan is Cecilia's great granddaughter and she decided to research the life of her relative after starting to realise that she was a very unique person. Researching Cecilia’s history inspired Bernie to highlight the extraordinary lives and achievements of other unsung heroines through her podcast 'Amazing Women, Invisible Lives'. "There are thousands of women with fascinating tales and I would love to tell them too."

"I couldn't put it down"  Diane Harris 

"Brilliant in so many ways" Mary Cannon

''Compelling reading" Gill Moody

"Gripped me from the beginning" Angela Doughty
Paperback, First edition, 379 pages
Published March 4th 2021 by Chronos Publishing

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