'Tidal Pools' handmade in ceramic with seaglass by E J Laven

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Ceramicist E J Laven makes a variety of organic 'pools' of clay, dropping pieces of seaglass found on her local beaches in Kent into the bottom to make beautiful, gentle 'Tidal Pools'. Each one is entirely diferent, using porcelain and stoneware clays and also sometimes incorporating grains of sand from the local beaches. The pools are generally unglazed to make the most of the textures and natural quality of the clay. 

The Tidal Pools work as an individual lovely piece, but also as a collection of colours and shapes. We clustered a group of five together here to show you how the work together. The Pools are sold individually and the images show you each one from the top left working clockwise around the group. 

The sizes for each are: 

Pale dark ring (top left) 8cm

Bright blue pool 7.5cm

White striped 7cm

White dark ring 7.5cm

Dark grey round 7cm

Oval dark grey 7.5cm

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