Children's book 'When I Grow Up' by PatrickGeorge Books

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PatrickGeorge are a superb illustration and design company based in Ramsgate who also create and publish a series of high quality books for young people. These hardback books have a special idea to create an interactive experience for young readers; pages of images are interspersed with a transparent page that changes the image as it is turned. The clever device leads to an understanding of consquences, from what happens if you mix red and blue to closing a cage and capturing an animal.

"Strong transparent pages, once turned, do wonders with what comes before and after" The Independent on Sunday

With When I Grow Up you can enjoy a fun and interactive experience as it takes the idea of finding an object and how it can change you if you put it on.  Discover an eye patch in the play box and become a pirate! Packed with ideas it provokes many opportunities for discussion and further reading and learning, with its simple and cleverly-executed design. 

Publisher: PatrickGeorge 

ISBN: 978-1-9084731-0-3
52pp (including 11 acetates), hardback

Dimensions: 200 x 220 mm

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