Blue sparkling Rococco 'Bower' necklace by Annie Sherberne

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This beatiful statement necklace is made with glass jewels attached into ornate brass bases, which come from the USA. This shape of base is called the 'bower' necklace, due to the shape and the multi jewels fitted in, which gives a sense of the collection of flowers and leaves in a bower. The necklace has a simple dark metal chain hanging, with a lobster clasp which can be used to make it hang in line with the collar bone, or add an extra 16cm to fall lower on the chest.

Annie Sherburne is well-known for her stunning jewellery made from wonderful placement of coloured jewels onto brass backings. Her style is exhuberant and has tones of vintage and antique, creating something both wearable and memorable. 

Annie's business and the stones she uses come from a wonderful story; after WWII an entrepreneurial man bid on a train load of stones, findings and beads from Czechoslovakia. A huge supply of beautiful vintage pieces arrived in ammunition cases, and this stock is still where Annie's jewellery comes from. 

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