Nice Things opened in 2010 with Bella and Suzy. When Bella returned to Australia, Suzy continued as the sole owner of the shop. But we think of Nice Things as a collective, a group of creative people, we are all complicit and we rely on each other, creating opportunity to work and earn as a creative individual.

We care about things being honest and having integrity. This speaks for all the beautiful items we show in the shop and gallery. It also speaks for the artists, makers and small companies we work with, who we enjoy showing off in the store, both online and for ‘real’, here in Ramsgate, Kent.

We really care about the world and its environments and hope that what we do help it, rather than pollute, ravage or dismiss. We adopt this principal locally as well as globally. So having paper carrier bags, paper packaging, recyclable and recycled ‘tools of our trade’ is vital and it influences what we show. We love upcycling and creative use of anything that would otherwise be wasted or thrown

Nice Things enjoys working with artists and makers both emerging and extremely experienced. We love supporting and helping new people to show and to learn how to earn money from their work.  And we love working with artists and makers to grow new ideas, to experiment, and to all learn how to make and show things which bring joy into the hearts of people who look, or buy.