Children's book 'How do you feel?' by PatrickGeorge

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How Do You Feel? is a beautifully thought out and designed picture book which helps children express their feelings.

The book portrays 27 different emotions. Children are shown in silhouette, with a balloon. On each set of pages the balloon takes centre-stage portraying the emotion through its colour, size or shape. Featuring colour-coded balloons of red, yellow, green and blue that tie in with the four colour 'Zones of Regulation', currently used in many primary schools, this book aims to offer a wider description of the child’s emotional landscape. 

ISBN: 9781908473165
Age: 5+
36pp, 220 x 220mm

PatrickGeorge are a superb illustration and design company based in Ramsgate who also create and publish a series of high quality books for young people. There is now a series of excellent books, which began with a special idea of creating an interactive experience though the use of  transparent pages between a pair of images, to change the image as it is turned. The clever device leads to an understanding of consquences, from what happens if you mix red and blue to closing a cage and capturing an animal. How Do You Feel is the first in a new series of books by the company. 

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